Dear esteemed clients,

Good day!

We have always been happy to provide you our tech services with our expertise . Although, if we talk on the surface, yes, we do business. We, as  your current provider’s assertion that Adnopsis is “just trying to get into your back pocket”, I felt it was important to spend a few moments to share with you our true intentions and beliefs about not providing some of the social media services after what has happened recently with one of the social media giants

Lately, we have been receiving several emails and our in-house operations team has never been so busy that we received calls on Facebook data breach. There is an abundance group of clients of us who completely depend on the Social Media Marketing services we provide to them. On behalf of my company, on behalf of my expert team & the Account Management team, here I answer you all the questions you’ve been asking us for the past few days.  After all, we are the other half in this partnership. And that’s exactly what we’re looking for!

We have stopped providing Facebook & Instagram services. We understand that majority of  you (companies) have been relying on us for this. At the same time, we as your service provider get the major income only from this services. We’re letting you know why we had to take this decision.

Yeah, a big social network has been breathing down the neck of our company. The only way to remedy this would be to remove the services completely. As a seller, we aren’t ashamed to tell that it su**s.  But everyone should understand that it’s the only thing that Adnopsis can do.

Unfortunately the provision of these kinds of services has always been somewhat doubtful to us because we are one of those 1% of people who completely understand the actual policies of Facebook & Instagram companies’ data policies. What had happened before we took this decision was something to be expected. Diversification is important in the freelance market, as in such a case you can still offer some other kind of service.

We are not alone in this. Adnopsis is really just many of the the first marketplace to fall into Facebook’s wrath! If we’re leading this social services removal campaign, other marketplaces will follow or get hit so bad with legal actions they will never recover!

Everyone is going nuts about this; Facebook is trying for years now to find effective methods of stopping bots and fake likes, shares, etc. Apparently, they were unable to do so, thus the crackdown that’s happening at the moment on SC began.

Don’t be mad at us. We’ve  always been making money  for you . We need your support now. Let us adapt the new change here.


Ganesh Kumar,


Adnopsis Pte Ltd

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