Engaging and Moving Readers to Action

You face a triple threat as a marketing writer.

The messages you craft need to be extremely clear, instantly engaging and relevant across an array of formats from websites and email to sales sheets and tweets.

Consistently meeting these responsibilities can even challenge the skill set of excellent writers. The AMA Effective Marketing Writing Training Series event is a two-day workshop where you’ll get hands-on help to make sure your writing makes an impact.

What You’ll Learn

Throughout the two days, you’ll individually assess your writing skills and create a customized action plan for continued progress in writing.
Day 1 Covers:
  • Writing best practices
  • Grammar and punctuation rules for business vs. marketing writing
  • Crafting attention grabbing headlines
  • Incorporating images into messaging
  • Honing editing skills: shorter sentences, word choice, ease of reading, punctuation, etc.
Day 2 Covers:
  • Writing exercises focusing on the areas where you need the most help
  • Crafting two marketing pieces to start building a unified campaign
  • Effective proof-reading and editing
  • Creating an action plan for continued improvement
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